Monday, 15 April 2013

a story

looking at a some power lines. and something was hanging but my blind named stevenson and jordan friend knew what it was. he said it was an elephant no its a statue elephant dahhhh it is bronze. but how did it get up there i don't know. who cares. i do well i don’t blind eyes. hey look some boots.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Guests For Dinner

Guests for Dinner

By Jan Trafford

Main Characters:
mum hard working,dad keeping secrets,rosie want to watch the simpsons,steve can't wait to see them,jarod wants to go to his friends house.

Their home.

cooking dinner.

no one knew who were the guests were only dad

Kids cleaning up

The family were the guests.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Some story

  once upon a time in Fartalot  there was a man called sir fartalot who polluted the air with his horrendous farting, and poowi did they smell.the prince sir wantalot

the prince sir wantalot,he wanted everything  and his father the king would buy it for him sir wantalot.

was his only child every year the king would grab every single men and ask if they wanted to be a servant or a guard and even ,sir fartalot ,the king hated him but he needed one more guard.

So the king  asked him,and fartalot said I want to be a sulgadiar,well why didn't you say so,first you gotta be a guard To be continued


When we had got to dunkirk reserve  i was excited to be seeing other schools and even my cousins these are some of the schools that i saw there,orakei,st thomas,parnell and elm park our 1st game 3-3 to parnell 2nd was elm park 4-5  
Our team had a brilliant time at dunkirk reserve i think you knew who won pt england now we get to go to eden park and if we win there we get to go to wellington.woohoo