Monday, 13 January 2014

My Big Trip

I have just come back from totara north and I had alot of fun all of it was fun but not the four hour ride to and back.

The first day: When we got to the house we had to go to sleep because it was like eleven at night so we emptied the car and grabbed ours beds then fell asleep. The next morning I asked my uncle if we could go fishing but he said today i'm having a rest today so we had to find something else to do so we went to the beach and my mum and my sister got sunburnt while I got tanned.

The second day: Today was the day I was going fishing so I had to wake up at 6:30 and get my snack pack for the day and when I got out there it was hard to see my hands in front of my face so we ended up driving in circles 5 times. Then my aunty said lets just put our lines in and fish so we I caught the first kahawai and it was huge and (photos at the end) we decided to go somewhere else and we were still surrounded by fog and water we were stranded for one hour and then we finally found the open sea ( known as the mouth ) so we fished there for a while and I two Snappers. And my aunty got 1 kahawai and 1 snapper and my uncle got 3 snappers and 1 kahawai.

Day Three: Today was the day that my cousin was going fishing and that day was very good not foggy but that day was the day that my cousin caught nothing well he caught 4 snapper but they were not big enough and 1 rock cod to short. That day we went to the beach again and we stayed there for 4 hours. When we got back from the beach we had a shower and ate dinner which was sashimi and smoked kahawai and then went to sleep.

Day four:  Today was the last day and I was very sad because we were leaving the beautiful palace that I will always love and my family there. So the next time I go I will be on the boat everyday well I hope. So as we were packing we started to clean the boat and then we went to the beach again and when we got back we were ready to leave. While we were in the car to my aunty’s which was in horeke and we ended up sleeping there the night after going through kerikeri and kawakawa it was a long journey.

Day five: Today is the day that were going home I think but we ended up driving to whangarei and we saw another one of my aunty’s and then we went to my nana’s and we went there to see here but I was g not me going for the pool. We went to get fish and chips and then went back to my aunty’s to eat our chips and after we finished our chips we hit the road for mt albert and after the harbor bridge my mum went on the wrong lanes twice and when we were home we were not tired but we went to bed because we were all exhausted well not me. This Is The End Of My Trip Bye.  

The house that we stayed at.

Friday, 3 January 2014

My Christmas Present

My best christmas present was the game from my mum shes the best.