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This week we learnt about ratio's. We are learning to use ratio's.


On wednesday we went to GEG NZ Student SUMMIT (Google Education Groups) in Hobsonville Point Primary School.
We were greeted by Toby Carr CEO and Founder of DEXTECH.

The first place we went to was to a garage band presentation from a girl from Long Bay School. Her presentation didn’t go exactly the way she wanted it to but it was very helpful a lot of information. She used examples she was entertaining and a good speaker. We were not able to use garageband because of our computers. We noted this in a book and at the end she wanted a crowd so that she could sing using garageband in the background.
Screenshot 2015-08-14 at 12.36.21 PM.png

Then we went to go eat morning tea, before our first group presented, While the group got ready to present we went to go find a presentation we found one that was all about google apps like Google drive, Google Slides and Google Docs. They had online padlets for us to help them in there google slides and others…

The 3rd thing we went to was our presentation so we were all nervous and as soon as we got there. In this group was Mary, Collin, Taimana, Iisa, Ariana So we started presenting and the presentation was going good, Live actions. We were doing good as no troubles and everything was under control. There was work shown as well as animations.

Our final presentation for the day was google cardboard and the sphere. It was really cool and interesting. It is a thing on your phone and a cardboard box where you cover your eyes and you can move around and see things. Its kinda like Oculus Rift on your phone. Image result for google cardboard

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