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Immersion Assembly

Yesterday was the begging of term 3, so we had a immersion assembly. A immersion assembly is where we have a big talk about our topics for the term, it goes from Team 1 to Team 5.

Team 1's topic is, the kids from team 1 have a job to earn money by doing good things around the class. The kids are set to earn money to try and create a store at the Sunday market.
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Team 2's topic is, trying to create and make ice cream and maybe in the future sell there ice cream to students in Pt England School. 

Team 3's topics is, Jobs the teacher got volunteers to say what they wanted to be when they grow up.
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Team 4's topics is, Emotions they get when they get money. 

Team 5's topic is, Financially Responsible so we will be learning how we would use our money, how we spend it and what we would do with it.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Triangle Addition #3

In Miss Clark's numeracy class WALT - Use our problem solving skills and knowledge of addition to make the given number at the top of the triangle. Here is a copy of my work. Comment below if I have answers that are wrong.

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Last Day Of Term 2

So Today was the last day of term 2 2015 and it was also half a day, so now we are moving into the holidays there will be less post's from me.

So today after assembly I was in the lucky class who got to play doge ball for putting up the chairs so after three games we played te uru with Miss Tito, a maori game that was very fun and cool. After that we walked back to class to get ready for morning tea.

Morning Tea, I played soccer on the court until our ball got taken away then I left and played touch. Once that was over we went back to class to pack up for end of the term assembly. After assembly finished we said good bye to our teachers.