Friday, 29 November 2013

Monday, 25 November 2013

She's Sinking

1.Complete the table of information.

Name of ship.
Name of shipping company.
White Star.
length of ship.
294 Meters
Date of maiden voyage.
10th Of April 1992
Captain's name.
Edward J. Smith

2.Where was the titanic sailing to on its maiden voyage.   New York

3.Approximately how many people were on board the titanic when it left Southampton. 1500

4.Why do you think the titanic hit the iceberg.
It was a dark night and it was hard to see.

5.Why did so many people die.
There weren't enough lifeboats.

6.What is the signal of SOS.
Save Our Sole.

7.The titanic is referred to as a ship and also a liner in the passage.words similar in meaning are called synonyms. Can you find another word it the passage similar in meaning to ship ? Vessle

8.find words in the passage that mean:

a.cut: rip

b.died: killed

c.first: won

d.cold: shivering

e.crisis: disaster

f.saved: rescue

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau Island

The camp is in North cove of kawau island.
There are fishing,raft making,and Orientating.
I cant wait till next year so we can go.

Monday, 11 November 2013


On Friday it was the Athletics day and people wore there house colours. There were high jump,discus,shot put,long jump,Javelin, and sprints but i didn't come a place in any of them. I am not good at discus but i am at sprints and i really enjoyed it it was going alright until the rain came. My house colour was takitimu and takitimu is yellow. Every year group had there teacher and we had Mrs Garden. Mr Barks was doing javelin and that's all i can remember.

I really enjoyed the day but when i landed on the high jump pole it didn't really hurt but it was pretty fun and my best one was sprints. There were some successful and not so successful but there were the lucky.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Term 4 Test

One day out in the country these boy’s named Joe,Franklin and Michael were people that like running into other peoples properties.

So one of the days they were playing around somebody’s farm they run past there all the time. But this time when they were running past it they heard something and then they stopped and looked at the farm and no one was there.

Joe walked closer and heard it again but it said ‘Joe’ and he ran back to the others and said it’s haunted with like a ghost or someones playing with us Michael said ‘there is no such thing as a ghost.’

So michael walked to the farm and he said ‘hello’ and the voice whispered ‘Michael’ and Michael said show your self and then a huge shadow went on the wall and michael shouted don't show yourself and he ran back to the other’s Michaels like its a ghost.

And Franklin walked up to the farm and said ‘show your self’ and the shadow came up on the wall again. Franklin wasn't as scared as the others because he was the one who set it up and the ghost was Franklins uncle and Joe and Michael were really angry at Franklin. But when they were leaving they heard it again and Franklin said Um guys you might want to turn around they were like not falling for and then they turned around to see were Michael was and he was running behind them and they saw someting they all ended up running home but now they think it is haunted but it was the farmer who had a white sheet over his tractor.

Every time That they ennoie Franklin hell bring up how they thought there was a ghost.   

The End I think