Monday, 30 March 2015

Hokule'a And Hikianalia Arriving At Our Shores

On Wednesday the 25th of March all Manaiakalani school’s went to the Pt England beach. We went there to greet and see the crew of Malama Honua and also see them come in on the Hikianalia waka.

As we walked down to the beach more schools came, we had to sit in the hot sun and sit down on the wet grass. So slowly the Hikianalia sailed around the corner of the rocks to be sat on the water in front of us. We welcomed them with our waiatas after we our sang as they sang a special song back to us. They told very inspiring stories and interesting facts about the Hokulea, crew members and much more. Their journey is to sail around the world using old traditional methods.

There were 2 Pt England students that got the chance to be on the Hikianalia as it sailed in. They were very lucky and there were millions of camera’s well like 3 from each school. As the greeting came to an end we got to high five of shake hands with everyone connected with the Hokulea and Hikianalia. They are getting world wide famous and their main goal is to get more people to know the traditional methods of sailing as well as caring about our earth.

Slowly schools started returning back to their schools. “I was very happy to see these people doing amazing things”. As were are very lucky because the extension students got to go on the Hikianalia at the Maritime Museum. Being in extension has given me a chance to video conference with 2 Hawaii schools and a trip to the Maritime Museum.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Travelling around

POLYFEST YAYYY, So it is now the 40th birthday of Polyfest.

Kia ora to my post about Polyfest. Polyfest is a big day to see or perform cultural dances from all over the world Tongan, Maori, Samoan but most of all there is great food. Mostly I would enjoy Walking around seeing the Performance's, eating and enjoying the time with my friends. 

This is where you find new things taste new things and you can see awesome things. You could test your strength, your Instincts and it's just awesome. I encourage more people to go to Polyfest. You can see what company's have in order like Air New New Zealand (Airport), Globug (Energy company) and many more.

It is a awesome place "I certainly love the place"  and maybe you will to but sadly if you want to go now you can't well you have to wait till 2016 as it has already passed.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Miss Peato's Birthday

This morning it was one of our street teachers birthday. Her name Is Miss Peato I believe she is 29 and the rest of the teachers planned a surprise for her. While she was just about to present they did it.

They way they surprised her was by singing happy birthday as the came out of the green room with her cake. Mr Wiseman (Another teacher in the street) tried to open the door but his hands was full from his guitar, so he ended up kicking the door trying to open it with his foot.

As the rest of the teachers came out Mrs’s Tele’a, Mrs’s Moala and Miss Clarke with the cake.

Family Trip (Writing Test)

In February, 2014 my mum brang up the idea to go see my brother, of course I wasn’t gonna say no.

So me my mum and my sister decided to go see my brother, Mareva the reason we didn’t see him much because he was in Melbourne australia. He left when he was 17 and we went to visit him for his birthday. He is the second oldest of all my sibling’s at 20 years old so we got the plane tickets to see my brother.

March, 2014
So we were dropped off at the airport from my aunty and we bought some tickets and went into the plane area as we were walking around we went to change our NZ money to Australian money. So while we were walking around these fancy shop’s our plane was called as we went to go find our place to go onto the plane I saw a arcade and I was off. After playing a couple games we found where we were meant to go, and it was so crowded, but after around 30mins we were starting to board the plane.

So on the plane me and my mum were taking selfies and taking photo’s of the awesome landscapes. I wasn’t a very long trip only three and a half hours or so, I was enjoying the trip we brought some food played some games but then it was time to go and check out the Melbourne airport. So we walked around, and then we went outside to look for my mum’s friend who was gonna pick us up. For a while we were walking around and then we saw her and we loaded our things into her car and she took us back to her place.

Later on in the night around 1:00am my brother texted my mum and told her to meet at McDonalds so we went to McDonalds to see my brother. I was so excited to see him I don’t know what he looks like what he does so I was very happy to see him. As we drove into McDonalds we saw him leaning on his car so we parked next to him and hopped out the car to see him. I was first to give him a hug and Kaycee (My sister). As we were talking he showed me inside his car told me stories of drag races and he also gave me gum. As the night went on everyone got tired except for me so I wanted to go back to my brothers aunty’s with Mareva so I went off with him while my sister and mum went back to my mums friends place.

We quietly crept into the house into his room the time was about 2:00am and I was still pumped so as he went to sleep I was watching movies until I got tired and fell asleep. In the morning I woke up and went to the kitchen to find my brother and his cousin talking. So I went in and said hi and Mareva made me a breakfast and Milo. After breakfast we went to go see my mum and sister and once we saw them Mareva knew where to take them, to the mall. So we went to a mall and we saw a  movie called Captain america Winter soldier it was a really good movie and my mum and sister really enjoyed the mall.

After the day went my mum booked us a hotel call The Crown Hotel or Crown Plaza but I was amazing but for some reason our cards for the elevator didn't work so we had trouble with that so we got a new wasn’t much better the first thing we did was go to the pools so we swam there for ages and my brother came to the hotel later on as we got out the pool we went back to the room and we had my brother with us by then and we ended up sharing beds. In the hotel room the was an amazing view of the city.

We went for walks my brother took us to 3 more movies and I can’t remember the names. As we walked around the city we went to amazing place saw cool things and most of all had fun. I pretty much went where ever my brother went and I had the best time I could ever have.

Mrs Telea's Birthday

Slowly walking into the street with our chromebooks no one know’s what’s happening. Music starts to play, Samoan music. As all the boys jumped up from the seats and started to create a circle around miss Tele’a as Today is Mrs’s Tealea’s Birthday. For her Birthday she wanted us to dance Samoan Around her so she was the spotlight.

Everybody came rushing into the street to see what was happening, and everyone saw us dancing around Mrs Tele’a it wasn’t long until people came out with IPADs recording. We spent around 5:00 minutes dancing around Mrs Tele'a and then everything went back to normal. I enjoyed having a little fun during literacy.

Friday, 20 March 2015


Yesterday team 5 (Year 7 & 8) went to Polyfest. Polyfest is a big deal, you get to go and compete well only college schools.

So as we were waiting for the bus we talked about the rules and we would be in groups with parents and teachers. After a while the bus came and all of us slowly went on to 2 bus’s.

We arrived at Manakau, the place of polyfest and as we got outside the gate we didn’t see the other group. So we were waiting outside until we were told that they were inside the whole time. We went inside sat down with the other school’s.
We went to activity’s so first our group checked out the fire safety and they show us ways to keep the fire from the pot calm by putting a chopping board over it or a wet cloth but not a to wet cloth and he also showed us what will happen when you put water in a burning pot. And as questions were answered right you got a prize a drink bottle or a shirt. Thanks New Zealand Fire Safety.

Flava was also at polyfest we played a game with them and we took a photo. And a chance to win a free bicycle and it was cool. And check out flava, Flava is a radio station 95.8.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Video Conference With Two Hawaii School's

Today the year 7&8 extension done a video conference with two schools from Hawaii, called Kea'Au Elementary and Nanakuli Elementary. We will meet a amazing and famous crew that is sailing around the world with the boat Hokule'a. Lucky for the Maniakalani cluster of 2,500 kids in the Cluster the famous boat will be arriving at Pt England School Beach on the 24th of march, because they are so famous we will be welcoming them with Maori song's, Waiata's and a Presentation. This boat is not only famous for travelling around the world, it is also famous for using old traditional navigating skills.                                                              Kea'Au: Nanakuli:

Brynn and Kai
We have learnt about with the teacher, Brynn Kea'Au elementary as they shared there facts to us and we shared our some information to the school. We learnt that a volcano that had erupted is slowly taking out houses. The school get's updates about the lava Everyday. They have told us about how they learn how they move in the school.

We also talked to Kai a teacher from Nanakuli elementary. We learnt just as much as we did as Kea'Au

Friday, 13 March 2015

Dictation Practice

Kung-Fu Pigs

Once again, Pig and Wolf came face to face and things aren't looking to good for the pigs. Who will protect the Emperor? Is there anyone who will answer the pigs high pitched squeal? Anyone at all? Better bang that gong, Ping Pong.

I am Oinky No Hoe, Adviser to the great Emperor, Ping Pong, and priest of monastery of Woo-Do-Ling. I am here to tell you of the Kung-Fu Pigs, and how they ____ to defend our lands against that evil traitor Woo-Do-Ling (He who keeps the company of wolves). In this tail you will learn of bandits and foul play. Of magic swords and evil spells. And so Horrible, let us begin...