Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Grid References

  1. What is the grid reference of the ∞ ?A2
  2. What is the grid reference of the * ?D4
  3. What is the grid reference of the Δ?B3
  4. What is the grid reference of the Circle?B5
  5. What is the grid reference of the Love Heart?A4
  6. What is the grid reference of the Smiley Face?C3
  7. What is the grid reference of the Cloud?E5
  8. What is the grid reference of the Sun?E3
  9. What is the grid reference of the Lightning Bolt?C1

Leaning Speech Marks

This is a lesson of the keas using speech marks.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


This is a story about my year five and six camp.

Geometry Pt England Glenn Innes

Directions to TC:
 1.The way to get to tamaki college from pt england is you go from pt england road west to elstree ave. Step 
2.And then head past northwest to north and then turn right onto taniwha street.Step 
3.And you are on north heading toward north east and there is tamaki college.

Directions to My cousin's house 

1.It is one road away from pt england school its where you turn left on to kawiti ave. 
2 And go down to number 39.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day Before Camp

Camp again and I am so happy that it's only tomorrow. This year I am a leader and my group name is care bears and I did not choose it. Today is the day where we take our bags into the hall and I think I am the only one writing about this right now. 

The things that I am looking forward to is pretty much everything. I have a lot of thoughts just popping in my head like who's in my tent and all that. I just hope that we have so much fun I loved the time I was there last year and I hope I can love it again. 

I am going to make sure that I will be happy!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Have you ever been bullied in your life, well here is a new solution and it is called WITS. WITS stands for walking away, ignoring it, talk about it, and last but not least seek help. 

 This is the first step to using your WITS which is walking away. Walking away is to be used in a situation when people are making trouble. “Would you follow them or would you walk away?”

 The next step is ignoring. You can use this if people seem to tease you, could always ignore them instead of causing a fight. If I was in this situation I would have to walk away and ignore it, wouldn’t you? 

What comes after Ignoring is talk about it. It is when discussing things with your friends. It could help you with your problems. And also if you and your friend disagreed with each other this could always help.

When it gets to hard you can seek help by getting a teacher or a trusted adult. Tell them whoever has been bullying you and it could sometimes teach the person a lesson and it will make you have a better time.

Using your WITS helps you in your future as you won’t end up in a fight or hurt. Remember to use your WITS, and always use them in bad situation. THE END :)