Monday, 29 June 2015

WW1 Mascots

Connecting to what I read - I use evidence in the text to support and make an inference. Reading between the lines.

Future Thinkers

Walt: To apply text to our understanding and knowledge.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Birthday Party / Day Out

Laser Combat

On Sunday I went to Laser Combat with some friends Tai Josh and Steve I really enjoyed the day and I know that everyone else enjoyed it too.

The reason we went all the way to Laser combat in Papakura was because I had my birthday but we didn’t do anything so we went to that. I had soooo much fun at that place and I was also very scared because it was in the most haunted place in New Zealand the old mental hospital. It was right next to spookers and asylum Paintball as we walked past the paintball I was instantly excited.

As we walked in we saw people in proper gear and camo pants, bandannas.

So It
was awesome and freaky at the same time. The guns were the same weight as real war guns it also had really cool scopes really cool sights and awesome maps. The adults had these really cool big machine guns which was awesome. Because 4 of us went we were split into 2 Me & Tai verse Stevenson and Joshua. So as he sets up our guns we walk out to the first map, the first map was a outside map with tires every where as cover description: AWESOMELY FUN!!! The way we played was if we got hit 5 times we were dead and we would have to go back to our medic box to respawn. It was so cool how me & Tai stuck together stayed as a team and how we covered each other.

Every game we had a challenge to get the least respawns and most kills. The first game was a tie and the teams were Terrorist’s (Green Team) and Special OPS(Black Team) . So the first game was a tie and in the second game I think the Green team won. Third match my team won wooo amazing play from us. Fourth game we did i’m sure we did 3 hits 1 life no respawns so it was pretty intense, me and Tai managed to hold out the whole game which was really good. Last round was sooo cool just because I didn’t know what was next.

I never knew that, that was the last round on that map and the moment we walked into the other map me & Tai were sooooo scared. When we walked in there was shredded tire all over the floor which prevented you from running like allllllll over the ground. So as we went to our side’s of the map me and Tai decided not to go in the house so me and him stayed outside marking the doors. First round i’m sure went to the green team(opposition) so quite annoying but we kept trying to kill the other team and me & Tai stuck together fighting off the other team rushing us on the right pretty much Steve and Josh. But in the end we pulled it around and won the last and final round.

Then at the end we were reading how many kills we got how many hits we got and how many respawns. And I was very happy because I got the most kill’s and hit’s out of everyone even the parents because I got 27 kills, 93 hits and 15 respawn’s.

Everyone enjoyed that day I loveeeed it, I thought it was amazing I had a great time would recommend anyone else going there.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday, 8 June 2015

Triangle Addition #2


Use our problem solving skills and knowledge of addition to make the given number at the top of the triangle.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Fifa U-20s NZ vs Ukraine

On Saturday I went to go watch the kick off game of the soccer U20s with my friends at the north shore stadium.

So I met with my friends in the city as they were going to take me to the game. After around 30 minutes we got outside the stadium, it took us quite a long time to get to our parking. After we finally got to a parking spot we quickly got out and headed to our Chairs.

As the game started we had the best seats for both half's except we could not see the Tv. But In the first half Ukraine was doing very good they got past the defense like 6 times. Ukraine were doing pretty good, good enough to get about 3 shots at the goal.

In the second half New Zealand did great. Pretty much every minute they were getting down to there defense in no time, New Zealand had many chances but for some reason they couldn't get a goal. There were a lot of amazing plays by New Zealand, but there shots just missed.

In the end it was a hooking game, very intense and it was a awesome time.