Thursday, 28 May 2015

Technology To me

Technology To me is my LIFE.
Technology has gotten better over the years.
For me I think technology is better.

  1. It’s weird how phones have gone from two plastic bottles and a pipe to all the cords and wires.

2.People went from making homemade candles and now we have scented candles.

3.Batteries, Batteries have changed a lot from the olden days by the price the size and the amount.

4.The first computer was made in February 1946.

5. Technology has changed a lot since 1880, 1920 and we know that it has changed a lot.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Word Problems

This is our word problems. We are learning to figure out our maths from words.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Good Or Bad

We were learning about all the things in World War 1. And we were also told all about the technology.


This is our think board.
Walt: Multiply big numbers.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

My First Win

So, last saturday I had my second real club soccer game for Ellerslie out in Mount Roskill.

On the way to the fields the sky was grim, looking like it was about to rain. As we reached the field I jumped out of the car and I straight away noticed that none of my teammates were there. But after about five minutes the manager showed up with his son Luke so while we were waiting we kicked the ball around, practicing.

15 minutes on, more of my teammates came. Tino, Sam, Bailey and Harry. We started kicking more balls around while we waited for one more player. Soon, Tsubasa came, so because are in the 11th grade we have 9 players on the field and on saturday we only had 9 players.

So we had no subs and it was a tough game, for the first half it was a hard stalemate. The second half was more interesting. The first goal was scored by Tino a awesome goal as well, kicked it in with his left foot even though he is a right footer it also just slipped off the goalie's gloves. The next goal was scored by Tsubasa it was a very good goal set up by me and the goalie saved the shot but luckily Tsubasa was there to finish it in. The last goal was scored by the other team just past our goalie’s arms.

Friday, 8 May 2015

World War 1 Presentation

This term we have been working and looking around World War 1. Our teacher gave us a site all about a soldier called George Bollinger.

Zeal Zone Activity

Every Friday we go to Zeal Zone and we swap classes every week this week I was in Mrs's Moala. I was helped by Collin and Josh.