Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cross Country

Huffing and Puffing across the finish line I am not sure who won,I mean who came 3rd  it was a tie or a something.

As I was running I saw my   jogging  and I just past him me and my friends were jogging or sprinting together we I  was going fine then I got a very bad stitch and then I slowed down and me and lomio lee past me and his dad was cheering him on and he was the eyes at the back of his head.

When I caught up his dad told him i was right behind him, as we were running to the park he was still in the lead but at the last 10 centimeters I sprinted and thats where it ends.

Here is the people that were involved the people that I talked about not the whole cross country.

Our Reading In The Morning

Zane Reading Interview from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Aesop fable

Your Challenge: To explain how a morale from a fable applies to your life

You will need to think about:
  • What fable you will choose and why
  • How many and what characters will be in your story
  • Your use of speech and the correct punctuation
  • A Problem and solution
  • Your attention to detail

Paragraph 1: Retell and summarise an Aesop Fable of your choice
Paragraph 2: Explain the morale of the fable.
Paragraph 3: How does the morale apply to your life? What have you learnt?

Title: Goldilocks  and the three bears

Start Writing Here
Paragraph 1
Once upon a time in the woods there were three bears that lived in an old cottage Farter bear mummy bear  and baby bear.
The bear family went out for a walk and this little girl ran away from her mother her name was Goldilocks. She was running when she came  past the cottage and he decided to go in.
When she got in she saw no one was there but she saw bowls  of porridge and she hopped on the biggest seat  and tried the porridge it was too hot and the chair was very big she went to the other chair it was  a little bit smaller but the porridge was still the same so she went to the last chair and tried it and it was perfect she tried the porridge that was perfect as well she finished it all up when she finished it she felt tired.
She looked around to see anything but she saw stairs and decided to walk up She saw three beds and she didn't know which one to sleep on she tried all of them but the first two were too big and uncomfortable but the last was purrrrfect she went straight to sleep.
The bears came home very hungry looking for there porridge the papa bear said “someone has eaten all my porridge” mama bear said “someone has eaten mine” And baby bear said “someone has eaten all of mine” they heard loud snoring from the bedroom when they saw someone was in baby bear's bed they woke her up and scared her away they never saw goldilocks again.

Paragraph 2

The moral of the story is mind your own business and don’t use other peoples stuff without asking.

Paragraph 3

Don't use other peoples stuff without asking.And don't go into other peoples houses.

Using Our Speechmarks

Here is what we did with Mr  Somerville.

We were working on our speechmarks.

Monday, 19 August 2013


1.What are Atoms?

 A.Tiny particles  that make up all matter.
B.Tiny particles that can only been seen with a microscope.
C.Tiny particles that look like gnats
D.Particles that are so large they cannot be seen

2. What does the word Atomos mean in ancient greece
Its something that cannot be divided anymore.

4. What is quantum mechanics

The study of atoms and tiny particles.

5.If you wanted to find the chemical element of an atom ,you would need to

A.Know how many electrons it has.

B.know how many protons it has .

C.Know its melting temperature.

D.See it with a microscope.


Part 2                                                          


1. Positively charged parts of an atom

6. Negatively charged parts of an atom

7.Atoms are building blocks for …....
8.The number of electrons in atoms are determine  an element's _chemcail_ properties

9.Neutrally charged parts of an atom

10. A chart which lists all of the known elements
Periodic table

2.protons and neutrons are found in this part of an atom.

3.type of force that holds the nucleus of an atom together.
Electro magnet.

4.area of science that studies tiny particles like atoms
quantum mechanics.

5.The word atom comes from this language.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Retell Of Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl called little red riding hood she was going to go to her grandma because she was sick.

A kiss from her mother and saying don’t stop in the wood’s so off little red went in the wood she skipping along until she found some beautiful strawberries,big and juicy she was skipping  along the path finding big strawberries when she finished she ran back to her basket and ran off again.

This time she ended up chasing a butterfly but as she was chasing the butterfly she got further away from the path when the butterfly flew away little red riding hood heard a low gruff voice talking to her, she turned around and saw yellow big beady eyes and knew that was the deadly wolf,(”now wait there don’t you think the wolf is going to eat her just listen”)the wolf said,where are you going little red said,to my grandmas the wolf asked is she alone yes shes at the end of the path ok by maybe we will see eachother again yes by.

When she found her way back to the path she got her basket and ran off the fox had reached grandmas house the fox knocked on the door and said, grandma trying to hide his gruff voice grandma said, come in the ran  past the room and swallowed her up.

Finally little red riding hood got to grandma's house she knocked on the door saying grandma it’s me. The wolf quickly got dressed into her dress and sat on her bed saying come in dear. Little red riding hood said,what big ears you have better hear you my darling
what big hands  you have the better to hug you my dear
What big teeth you have the better to eat you said the wolf so the wolf gobbled her up and then he was tired and full so he had a little nap.

The hunter was on the search for the wolf when he came to grandma's cottage he was going to ask for a drink but when he past the window he saw the wolf sleeping right there and  he loaded his shotgun and bang shot in the head he went in and cut the wolf's stomach and found granny and little red just then little red’s mum came very worried and she said always stick to the path and walk fast.

The moral of the story is don't talk to stranger's and listen to you'r parent's.

Friday, 2 August 2013

My Retell Of The Hare And The Tortoise.

Once upon a time on a lovely farm there was a hare and a tortoise.The hare is fast and selfish on the other hand the tortoise is polite and slow and what you will learn from this story is that slow and steady always wins the race.

On the farm the hare was being very rude to the turtle (tortoise) but the turtle probably wasn’t listening that’s when a fox popped out of the hedge row and he said the turtle’s hibernates hiber what's.The turtle sleeps for a whole winter what a whole winter he must be the laziest animal alive it would be hard to know if he is even dead. The turtle can live up to 100 years old,the fox made a deal with the hare and the turtle to have a race if the they won the badger and the rat and the hare would have to work for the fox and the turtle for a whole month.

It was the moment for the race they were both lined up at the line ready to race Ready Steady GO as he said the hare was just standing there waiting for the turtle to move off the line but he got bored and sprinted off. While he was running he was saying this is still to himself it is a long way to go just then he felt less springy and was tired,finally he got to the mountain,well six fields is a lot and hard to do, up on the mountain the hare could see  the turtle only past the 1st field. The hare was tired and decided to have a little nap but during his nap the turtle sneaked past him and was gone in the distance when the hare woke up the sun was going down and it was dark. On the way back he thought that the turtle had given up and went home, as he was getting closer he saw the rat and the badger, and said what’s my prize your prize is that we are working for the fox for a month.

The moral of the story is,the hare think’s he’s the best but then he had been beaten by a 100 year old slow coach haha.