Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Matariki story

Matariki has got a cluster of stars. But you can only see seven stars with the naked eye. You can see the rest if you have a telescope.You will be able to see them all over the world.

Matariki was used by the farmers. The farmers checked if it was going to be a good winter. If it was bright it would be a good day,if they weren't it would be a bad cloudy winter.

You would only be allowed to see them nine months of the year
. And they will disappear for three month's . It means Maori new year. The stars are the seven sisters.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Unusual Day

Once upon a time there was a mechanic named jeff he is having a very unusual morning. So the mechanic walked to work  and he needed to clean because that place looked like a dump after work jeff walked home and that night was the night  that jeff found a strange package at his door so he walked in and sat down to open his mail.

Emperor Penguins Eating When Leapord Seal Come's

One day in Antarctica Emperor penguins were having a feed.
While having a nice feed.And we got to see if diving for it’s food.

After a while a penguin must of spotted a leopard seal.And It must of told the others.They all jumped out very quickly.

So the leopard seal jumped in as quick as it could and chased the penguins.He must of missed them already the seal decided to jump on the ice and chase them there.Apparently the seal caught a penguin and killed it with his razor sharp teeth so when you go to antarctica watch out.

Monday, 10 June 2013

My DLO 2

A DLO is a digital learning object here is who i did it with


For a DLO Stevenson and I came up with a poster to describe the different features of Leopard Seals and how these features help them to interact and survive in the world. A DLO is a Digital Learning Object.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

My Xtramath's

This is my xtramath work that I have done

This is what i ended up with.

Thank you

In the weekend my sister was going to the movies with her friend Gloria, her mum decided to bring me.We watched Epic it was pretty cool. I want to thank Gloria’s mum for everything.Thank you very much.Gloria’s mum.

Lost In Antarctica

Once upon a time in Antarctica two men named jack and jarred were in a very bad snow blizzard.

And were trying to escape and then in twenty minutes they found a snow hut. They rested for a while and  then left.

After the blizzard they started walking up and started to get cold  after the freezing cold weather Jack blacked out and the other covered for him but he fell asleep on top.

In the morning jack woke up and pushed his friend off he had some water and waited for his friend to wake up and go snowboarding  because that day the weather was awesome when the,other jarred woke up and he couldn't see his friend and that second he turned back and he had made a tent and he changed his ancient and said “come on lad lets go snowboarding’’so off they went they started going down extremely fast but they were pros on snowboard’s.

They started an deadly avalanche it was chasing them very fast and jake was so close to it that he had fallen off and had been rolling for a while once it stopped he was lost none ever found him.THE END