Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Y8 Camp Reflection


At the end of term 1 most of the year 8s went to Marsden Bay Christian Bay Camp for a school trip.

After the 2-3 hour drive in the bus we finally reached our destination and it felt good. When we hopped off the bus we were all told to grab some bags and put them on the deck and with 10 seconds of reaching the camp it started raining. After managing to take all the bags inside we sat down and ate our lunch. After lunch we go inside to the meeting room where we talk about our activities.
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After we finished getting all the bags in we sat down in our groups, And then we had to learn about friendship, Teamwork and Kindness. One way they taught us how to learn teamwork was by tying our hands together and made us make fruit Kebabs.
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After that we went to our cabins and set up our rooms and beds, three people from my cabin were unable to come. So as we set up our room we noticed that we only had five people and that there were ten beds. Not long after were called in to get ready for dinner. After we finished dinner the teachers asked if we wanted to stay up to stay and watch Johnny English, some people went back to their cabins to get there sleeping bag and pillow and some went back to sleep in their cabins. Halfway thru the movie it decided to crash so everyone ended up going to sleep or staying up talking.

Day #2
Today started off with breakfast, then we went to our meeting room to find out what activities we were going to do. But because it was raining we had to turn to plan B, so first we just had fun while we were suppose to be on kayaks in the water but we had fun. While we were drawing we were asked if we wanted to go on the kayaks me and Te Mauri were lucky enough to go on them for a little and then we chucked everyone in. Our next activity was the waterslide the best thing about the camp it was so fun. It was a huge slide that was awesome one kid even went and got his soap. After we finished our time on the slide we went to have a shower and change our clothes for our last activity. Our last activity was archery and it was awesome while the other boys left and played around that meant I was able to have more shots.

Screenshot 2016-05-10 at 10.28.38 AM.pngScreenshot 2016-05-10 at 10.18.58 AM.png
After we finished all our activities we went back into the meeting room to get told we were allowed free time, everyone ran outside but me and my cousin (Josh) went straight to the soccer gladiator cage. But not long after that I was told from a teacher to go to the Flying Fox because my mum wanted me to (My mum was working the on the Flying Fox). After I got to the flying fox I got to go up, and I was so scared but as soon as I hit the top I was amazed, at the awesome view amazed, Mind Blown. Still a little bit scared i decided to get this over and done with as I step over the edge I instantly forgot the fear and felt the pain of the harness.

After the free time was over we went to the meeting room to discuss how much time we would have to prepare our team item we ended up getting 1 hour to prepare our item. After we finished preparing our item we were told to head back inside for dinner. We finished dinner and went back in the meeting room to do our items.

Some were smart, funny, cool and weird in the end we came last. Once we finished that we were aloud to stay up and watch Johnny English 2 or go to sleep I decided to stay up and watch it, but again it crashed half way thru.

Day #3

Today was the day we were cleaning, clearing and preparing after 1-2 hours of cleaning we got ready to leave. As we got back to school we had to unload everything and then we got to leave.

Division Maths Week 1

This was our Week one maths task teaching us about divisions.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly

Early monday morning was the school Immersion assembly, meaning that today was the first day back at school. All of the teachers either made a movie or a live performance.

As I walked into the hall I was excited to find out what our topic for the term was going to be. Playing in the hall on repeat a song that resembled the following “All i do is art”. Some teachers were wearing some creative costumes like a pallet of paint and a hat as a brush.

Team one talked about doing their favourite things, Chocolate and more, they made a video and said all of their favorite things. Team two talked about seasons and how they were going to draw all different things.
Team three are doing Architecture they made a funny video like Grand Designs but it was just a tent.

Out of all 5 performances my favourite was Team 4, their topic is Comics they made a humorous video with super heroes, Bat Guy, Team Leader America, Wondering woman and the Villain Bear Baxendine..

As the team 5 teachers walked up to the stage they were dressed in colors of our House Teams Red(Te Aurere), Blue ( Hine Moana), Green ( Hokulea) and Yellow ( Hikianalia). They all lined up for a race, in the end Hokulea won.