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Merry Christmas

I am happy to say Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays I am sorry that I said it so long but I went to Portland to see my Nana's new house and I will write a post about that aswell. I will also have a family reunion on January the 2nd so I will be away for a while for that, and then I am going to totara north. So I am really busy and I probably won't post for about 2-4 weeks. So I would like to say Happy New Year Everybody! and hope you all have a great time.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Yay it's the holidays and it is also Christmas in 4 days I am just saying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Last School Post

Hello, to all people who read my blog, I would like to say thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New year. I may post more in the holidays, maybe if they are interesting for you guys. Anyway thanks for all the support and great comments. If you really do enjoy what I usually do then please leave me some feedback and I will get back to you. And have enjoyed posting all my work, and I probably will post what I got for christmas and just usual holiday.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Art Task

Walt: Step by step instructions

Holiday Post Plan

Walt: Summarise and combine information from across multiple texts.

Camp Bentzon Recount

The Best Camp Of My Life!!!

Week 6 Tuesday, arriving at sandspit after at least an hour and a half drive in the bus, we finally were getting ready to go on the ferry loading the bags, taking our time. When we finished we all went up on to the the top of the ferry to look out for some dolphins. Just seeing dolphin’s in the distance was still amazing and we were always getting closer to the camp and passing the mansion as we finally got there and started unpacking.

Orienteering: “Orienteering” I thought it would be amazing and I was right. First my group were just mucking around for the first eight and after that, me and Taunese went crazy we probably found the other 12 in about 20 minutes. Soo while me and Taunese were searching for them we forgot that we ditched our group so we had to wait for Shaitarn, Taiaha, Ava, My mum, and Junior. We waited for about 5-8 minutes and once they found us we were back on the trail, it was hard for the rest of the group to keep up with me, Taunese and Junior. Once we finished we went back to find out the words (Me and Taunese) we found out the words and they were.......

Kayaking : “Kayaking” I thought I am the best at that  I thought. So when we were getting our kayaks out I was getting really excited until I felt the water. The water was horrible it was so choppy (Big Wind) that we couldn't leave the shore so there were people falling out, people falling behind and also people drifting away. While we were kayaking Taunese actually tipped and lost her shoes they found one but the other is somewhere lost in the ocean. Another one that fell out was Junior I don’t know how he fell out but he just did. So we probably had the worst day to go on the kayaks so  that was kayaking.

Sailing: “Sailing”, was my most favorite thing in the whole camp! I loved it me, Ava and Taunese ruled that one. Again Junior fell in the water but man it was AMAZING! After doing it I would do it for life and out of all the time I was doing drifts (Tiller to the sail). If you haven't tried sailing then you have to try it we rode in a optimust. When you tip (Capsize) it will be more fun than scary and it will be very cool nearly capsizing because I nearly fell out about 5 times.

Our Cabins: “My cabin” It was very small for five people but it worked. In my cabin was Stevenson (Best Friend), Jordan, Louis and Owen and they are all my friends. It was awesome at night time but not as good as the day we had awesome well, some I didn't have so good nights because of snoring. The cabin was uncomfortable but I didn’t mind it better than nothing. The best thing in the cabin was the munchies and my friends and my self. My cabin was the letter G and we were able to choose our beds I chose the top bunk at first but then Stevenson moaned that he wanted it sooo, I was left on the bottom bunk.

Coclusion: “Leaving” The hardest thing for me was actually leaving the camp. I really enjoyed my time I definitely recommend it the second best camp I’ve ever been to. The camp is the camp of pain but it is worh it.

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Halloween Info

This was done at home on halloween night. Main thing I was bored so I decided to write about halloween.

Monday, 3 November 2014


This is my presentation......
WALT: We are learning to search for and summarise information.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Writing Test How To Be A Good Friend

WALT: Explain to your reader what being a good friend means

A friend is a person that is a great person that helps you. Whenever you’re with a friend they make you better when you’re feeling sad or angry or at least they try you just have to let them.

Every now and then you and your friend will have a little or big argument, but thats how it should be. Well if you have a so awesome friend that forgives you in every single way and just moves along thats great but you just have to forgive them as well if you they have stuck up for you many times. Falling out with your friend is a bad thing but you should always become friends again (Depending on how bad it is) “I have been in bad situations with my friends but we always just put it behind us.” It is usual to lose a friend or disagree it is totally normal so dont worry if you do just always be in contact with them.

Ahhhhhhhhhh (relaxing ahh) best friends aren't they the best?” Best friends are where they support, encourage and help in any different way. Now you can be so close with your best friends that you hang out all the time “Like me and my best friend.” “Me and my best friend Stevenson hang out all the time we even decided to be like brothers” all im saying is that, you can be so close with someone you’ll be like family. Whenever you're feeling sad or unappreciated there the ones to go talk and communicate or your parents but its up to you to choose.

If you are a good friend to all of your friends then you have a really good chance, that they will all pretty much the same things that a best friend would do. Being a really good buddy is like being a or atleast try to be a best friend. Could you be the best buddy you can be to support, encourage and help in any possible way?

The main thing im trying to say is always try your hardest to be the best friend you can be.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fixing Paragraphs

WALT: Rework paragraphs to meet effective paragraph criteria

We were fixing paragraphs for our practice test.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Maori History

Walt: Search and Summarize in our own words 
Maori Art History
We were learning about the maori cave art down in the South Island. This maori cave art has been around for more then 500 years.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Being Fit

Did you know that you're body is an amazing machine? It just needs to be used every day to keep it working well.

Exercise keeps your body strong and fit. Fitness means having the energy to work, and play and do all the things you want to do easily. Your body can not store fitness so you need to exercise regularly to stay fit.

Exercise makes you feel and look better it keeps your body a healthy weight. It helps you relax and sleep better, and when you exercise your body produces, chemicals called endorphins which go to your brain and make you feel good.

Exercise for strength makes your muscles stronger, so you can work different parts of your body without feeling weak. Exercise for stamina makes you heart and lungs stronger, and helps blood flow easily around your body. Staniama is the ability to exercise for longer without getting tired or out of breath.

So you need to move it!

Full Stops:



Exclamation marks

What Capital Letters Are

Capitals - what are they and when do you use them in writing?

WALT: Write an explanation telling people what capital letters are and when you use them in writing.  

Capital letters are bigger than the lower case (or little letters) and the capitals are not always the same as the lower case letters. Now Upper letters has anyone heard of that? Well upper letters are actually the real word for capitals.

You use capitals at the beginning of a country, city, town. When you are in any geographical place that place always start’s with a capital at the beginning. So for example I am in a city called Las Vegas.

Every time you say or write someone’s name you have to start their name with a capital. Here is a example “My friends name is Taimana” that is how it is done. That is how it should be done and if it is not t will be very embarrassing.(It is about year 3 things)

This is an example of titles, “I went to the Warehouse at  Sylvia park, then went to EB games & looked at two games called Destiny and Fifa 15, after that we went to the movies to watch ANNABELLE”. Every time you say a brand company or even a shop you have to start it off with a capital .

Every time you say or book a date you have to start it with a capital or maybe even an annual day like Christmas. Here is an example “I am going to spend my Christmas with my family and St Patricks day with my friends”. That is how you do that.

Hopefully know you know how to use capital so use them!

Friday, 3 October 2014

The Holidays Are On!

Screenshot 2014-10-02 at 7.13.36 PM.png

Monday: The holiday’s are on, especially for me I am loving it kicking back relaxing & enjoying the sun. If you are already enjoying it as much as me please make sure to leave a comment.

Now I am kind of actually missing school from like things to work on & my friends. But I still am having fun with my uncle & electronics walking, Xbox360, computer & Kicking the ball at dunkirk park in panmure. Tuesday: Today me and my uncle were playing Xbox live & then we went up to the shop’s got some food & drinks and if you are or did something interesting please leave it in the comments.  Ok so we got back & waiting relaxing for about a good 1 to 2 hours until my aunty, uncle & cousins came around on bike’s. So when they came me & my sister went with them to there house. Me & my cousin Josh were running while my aunty, uncle, sis & cousin was riding in the bike and at home we got our uncle to look after us.

When we left to go to our aunty’s first we played some shoots with the basketball & netball  and then we went inside to play on the PS3 and we played Rugby league. When we finished playing league we went outside again and played volleyball so it was me & Josh vs kaycee (my sister) and isiah my cousin. We were playing and every now and then i would or Josh would bump the ball and we would strike. After about a good 30-45 minutes we went back inside the score was 30-33 and we lost so kaycee & isiah won. When we finished we went back on to the PS3 & watched Sione’s Wedding unfinished business. So we were leaving and Josh & Isaiah ended up coming to our house so Kaycee & isaiah went home while me & Josh stopped at dunkirk to do some awesome conversions.  

Wednesday: So we got back and it was my cousins birthday & the food he chose to eat was Mcdonalds. He is now 10 years of age & his name is Tu Ariki so thats the end of that. After we ate dinner I went into my room & me and Josh were playing rugby and now after that I am actually bruised on my neck, hip, wrist & shoulder. So after we played rugby we decided to do a all nighter and it was awesome we watched movie’s, game’s. and music. So at about 4:30 I started to get really tired. And in the morning I ended up like being a little bit dizzy but once I started moving I was algood. Me & Josh went back and started rugby again until my uncle decided we would go to the reserve & kick the ball around. And me & Josh ended up playing held.

So Everybody I hope you enjoyed week 1 of 2 week’s and next week I will post another one and remember to leave some comments please and get ready for week 2 holiday writing.

Friday, 12 September 2014

My Newspaper Article

WALT:  Use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports

New Sport At Pt England School
By Zane Interviewing Kent Somerville.

The new sport, kiorahi is not famous but super fun for kids playing the game Pt England School.

What Is The New Sport
Paragraph 1:
The new sport is weird but is very interesting for the kids at Pt England School. The game was made from a story or legend. The Legend was about Rahi (Rahi Tu Taka Hina) and his enemy patupaiarehe and Rahi’s wife name is Ti Ara (Te Arakurapakewai). This sport is national to the Maori culture.

How You Play The New Sport (Quotes)
Paragraph 2: Kent Sommerville a teacher at the school has
teaches the kids a few basics. “When you first start off you have to kick the ball from the the zone which is the marama zone then its obvious you have to kick it to your team mates then you are trying to score anyway your team is”. “So when we were first talking about us teachers thinking about what to do for maori rotations on fridays I wanted to do something sporty I knew a very little about Ki-o-rahi from Mrs Vaafusuaga and she took a really good team up north for a competition and so I only knew a really little about it. Then it was Mrs Tito Who actually taught and sent me links on how to play Ki-o-rahi so it was basicly I didn’t discover it on my own and so my friends Ms Vaafusuaga and Mrs tito teached me and,my uncle google”.  

How you Score
Paragraph 3:
The ways to score is to either touch the pou or hit the tupu. If you are the team defending the tupu then the only way you can score a point or more is to touch the pou as many times you can. But if you get tagged while getting the pou then you lose all your points and it is a handover. The way to score is if you have touched the pou and get into the Te Wairua zone. Now if you are the opposite team you have to try make the ball hit the tupu in the Pawhero zone (The one in the middle) but there are two people defending the tupu.


That is how people play and also some tips. There are the facts of Ki-o-rahi with the legend...

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The President - Questions

The President

1) Is this a true story? How do you know?
Because he is still in trouble and so they can’t reveal his name.
2) Why are the children in the story allowed to go to school?
Because there family is trusted.
3) Who is helping the family escape?
Dads Friend
4) Why can’t they trust anyone to help them?
Because they have a bounty on their head.
5) What is one reason that the family likes living in New Zealand?
They won't be hunted by our president.
6) How long did the family spend in the Refugee camp?
2 years.
7) What language is the mother learning?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Advice Blog

This is my advice blog.

Giving It A Shot Debate

listen to ‘Giving It A Shot Debation’ on Audioboo

Here is a debate conversation based on two characters in the journal giving it a shot.

Vocabulary Task

Monday, 25 August 2014

Changing Style At Pt England School

Changing Style At Pt England School
By Zane

Walt: use the structure of my newspaper articles to write my own.

98% of kids have the new jackets when they reach intermediate at Pt England School.

Intro, Paragraph 1: The intermediate kids have the newer jackets to distinguish between seniors and the juniors. The prefects were chosen to decide on which jackets that the school was going to have. They had about 4-5 to pick out of and they wanted red & black

Cost, Paragraph 2: The jackets cost $55 dollars. The collots are $1 dollar higher than the meaning the collots cost $56 dollars. On the other hand the seniors also have different hats. The senior hats cost $10 dollars.

Design, Paragraph 3: They knew what colours that they were gonna have on the jackets which was red & black. Now the hats they are full black and bucket hats. The Collots are just like long skirts for people that don’t know and they are also fully black. Now the main one the jackets now the jackets are black striped with red and the Pt England logo.

Byline: Zane At Pt England School

Friday, 8 August 2014

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

CommonWealth Games Writing

Tomorrow is the day, the day that we’ve all been waiting for, the day of the Commonwealth Games wooohooo. Personally I am supporting New Zealand and and I really hope you like the Games as much as I do. When you are watching the Events you really see how hard they have trained to get that far to represent my country.

The commonwealth games are in Glasgow Scotland. There are many Sports and a new one introduced a few years ago  is rugby 7’s. The rugby Sevens have have just passed by and we did well coming second place and bringing home silver. They just lost lost to South Africa 17-12 I am really happy about the men that played. They will probably train a lot more but that is great coming second.

Weightlifting is a popular sport and there is one person that is a stand out Hossein Rezazadeh. Hossein has won 13 medals 2 bronze 11 gold,and he has done it in the olympics 2000 and 2004. Rezazadeh has been to pretty much every big event that has weightlifting that has weightlifting in it. Now he is retired I think. When he did the olympics he nearly set a world record.

The medal scoring now after all 11 days of the commonwealth games we were just out of the top 5 for medals. Were had the awesome amount of 45 and ahead of us was india with 64. While 4th 3rd 2nd and 1st was pretty high up well 4th place was scottland with 53 my guess is that they got more golds. And 3rd place was Canada with the counting number of 82 now if you think thats big just wait. And the country coming 2nd place was Australia with medal counting of 137 wow that is big but not big enough. And the team that got the highest score possible and the team is England with 174 medals all to themselves. And if you want to check for yourself here is the link for the commonwealth Games

Cycling is one that we were fairly good at because we came 1st and 3rd with England coming 2nd. The one who achieved 1st was Sam Webster and 3rd was Dylan Kennett I think. Because all the competitors got at least 1 medal for cycling and that is GREAT. The cycling team is very good and they could probably do that again they are awesome.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

FlameMen (Part 1)

2014, The year of the Hydro flames Tai & Zane go on an adventure of a lifetime to defeat the Wind Warriors.The Wind Warriors are 2 people that that have control of the wind and are super hard to defeat. And Hydro Flame has the power of The half-human child of an alien from a water-based civilisation, he has incredible powers! However, his heritage also means that he’s hated and feared both by humanity and the aliens who are now hunting him down!

The Hydro Flames biggest weakness is neutral turbo. No one has that in this galaxy and when we were made we didn’t know we had our powers until the wind warriors attacked us. The first time they attacked us we just noticed we had our powers so we were noobcakes. And when you are a noob at having powers you’re in trouble like a lot. Especially if you already have enemies like WIND WARRIORS  the WIND WARRIORS  beaten us several times but we've beaten the 214 times.

The WIND WARRIORS are bad at fighting and it gets annoying when they keep coming back. This time was different because they bought an army of 50 and all 50 were just like them but I think a bit more powerful. they broke through our door like it was nothing and came straight and surrounding us we couldn’t move the leaders yelled “don't move or i’ll attack” the Hydro flames stayed as still as a statue the Hydro Flames whispered to each other “attack on 3 1,2,3” they jumped at them yelling “AHHHHHHHH”.

We fought Wind Warriors off as long as we could  but there were too much for them. They were all so strong but we knew we could defeat  not defeat them they were too strong. We will be able to beat them with more training and exercise they would never beat us but with the new army we could have second thoughts. They kicked us in cells and locked us up but they made a big mistake were fire they put us in steel chains and cuffs and fire melts that easily so we were out easy peasy. One day they will be the one’s in cell’s and cuffs but today we will be a threat to the WIND WARRIORS but for now we train.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Moneyland Board Game

Instructions For Money Land:

Be the first player to complete a whole round.

Put the 2 decks of cards down on the center of the board. Pick a game piece to play with. Only have 4 people playing then you're ready to play.

1 gameboard
4 plastic playing pieces
2 decks of 24 each

How to Play:
Youngest player goes first. Players take turns rolling dice. There must be 2 decks of cards in the center of the board 1 deck is bad 1 deck is good. A player must land on something like a Green Question mark to pick up a good card. When the player reads the card it should say something like you have won 1.000 dollars go up 5 spaces then the player that picked up a card has to put it under the deck of cards she or he got it from. The players turn continues 1 more time. If the next player lands on a question mark that is red they have to pick up a bad card it will say something like you have lost 100 dollars go to jail then you pay the bank and go to jail.

The player who has spent all their money first.

Other things:
Land on a Gb2 Means to go back 2 spaces, Land on Gf5 then go forward 5 spaces Land on a Golden Money sign then you get $1.000 and get to roll one more time. Land on a green question mark then you pick up a special card, land on a red question mark then pay the bank 100 dollars and then pick up a Chance card. Every player starts with $2.000.  If you land on a buy a car then you can choose to buy it and go forward 4 more spaces. Land on JOB then  you have to miss your next turn because you have to work. There are also many things like buy a house and buy a ferrari you should buy it because the first person to spend their money will win.

Restart New Game:
Take everything of the board then take 20.000 dollars out of the bank and then put the game pieces back to the start. Shuffle the cards again and put them back. Then you're ready to start.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pt England School Does Not Have Talent (Even Though It Say's Pt England Has Got Talent)

This was made with me and my two friends Collin and Aaroon and this was made for comedy. And It was fun to watch create this movie.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Titanic Animation

This is my animation of the titanic's sinking enjoy. The titanic sunk in 1912 with 1500 people on board. When the titanic sunk all the lifeboats were dropped in the water with at least half the people left.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Justify The Building Of The Titanic

Life In Minecraft

Imagine that some kid was playing minecraft overnight and alakazam, the whole world was pixilated and turned into MINECRAFT Now you would have to chop trees,get armour and wurst verse mobs. You would have to survive everything go to kill the enderdragon and mine. I would love to be in minecraft and have awesome skins and names play hide & seek mutant Zombies, WITHERS (only available  in mods).

Different Modes
There are many modes like survival, creative and hardcore. In survival mode you only have a limit of lives. You have to go walking around looking for things like armor for protection, animals for food and building supplies for a house. The kind of building supplies you need are wood planks if you are looking to build a house out of wood. In creative you have everything you could get in minecraft. Hardcore is just like survival but your life drops faster and you get hungry faster.

There are so many different mods like Mutant, gun range lucky block and a lot more if you ever want mods just go to Mods for Minecraft. My favorite mod is lucky block because you mine blocks and things come out of it. It could be good or bad. The good things are sometimes in chests like a diamond and gold pickaxe to destroy the blocks faster , diamond and gold armor to protect you from BOB,BOB is a zombie a deadly zombie who has full diamond armour and a enchanted diamond sword. You can get traps like where you trapped in obsidian and have to escape with ender pearls There is  lucky armour, lucky bows & swords.

If you could ever get the chance to live in a minecraft world would you?