Friday, 12 September 2014

My Newspaper Article

WALT:  Use the structure of newspaper articles to write news reports

New Sport At Pt England School
By Zane Interviewing Kent Somerville.

The new sport, kiorahi is not famous but super fun for kids playing the game Pt England School.

What Is The New Sport
Paragraph 1:
The new sport is weird but is very interesting for the kids at Pt England School. The game was made from a story or legend. The Legend was about Rahi (Rahi Tu Taka Hina) and his enemy patupaiarehe and Rahi’s wife name is Ti Ara (Te Arakurapakewai). This sport is national to the Maori culture.

How You Play The New Sport (Quotes)
Paragraph 2: Kent Sommerville a teacher at the school has
teaches the kids a few basics. “When you first start off you have to kick the ball from the the zone which is the marama zone then its obvious you have to kick it to your team mates then you are trying to score anyway your team is”. “So when we were first talking about us teachers thinking about what to do for maori rotations on fridays I wanted to do something sporty I knew a very little about Ki-o-rahi from Mrs Vaafusuaga and she took a really good team up north for a competition and so I only knew a really little about it. Then it was Mrs Tito Who actually taught and sent me links on how to play Ki-o-rahi so it was basicly I didn’t discover it on my own and so my friends Ms Vaafusuaga and Mrs tito teached me and,my uncle google”.  

How you Score
Paragraph 3:
The ways to score is to either touch the pou or hit the tupu. If you are the team defending the tupu then the only way you can score a point or more is to touch the pou as many times you can. But if you get tagged while getting the pou then you lose all your points and it is a handover. The way to score is if you have touched the pou and get into the Te Wairua zone. Now if you are the opposite team you have to try make the ball hit the tupu in the Pawhero zone (The one in the middle) but there are two people defending the tupu.


That is how people play and also some tips. There are the facts of Ki-o-rahi with the legend...