Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Multiplication Maths

This is one of my weeks maths tasks, we were using a special maths technique called algorithm.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Letter To John Key

Pt England School
130 Pt England Rd
Pt england
New Zealand

Monday, 29th of August 2016

Dear PM John Key,

My name is Zane and I am a student of Pt England School sending a letter to you about the bad water pollution that's going on at the moment. As you probably know a lot of fish and seabirds in Auckland are dying, and quick. The big reason is because of all the rubbish that is in the ocean and the fish and birds think that it might be food for them. All the rubbish and plastic gets left on the ground then gets blown into the ocean and then the fish and birds want to eat it because they think its food.

You need to do something about this. A lot of people would appreciate if you tried to stop all the rubbish going everywhere. Because at the moment it doesn't look like you care as much but maybe you should put fines on people who litter or set down some ground rules for the public. There are also some members of the public who do good and go in their own time to fix this problem. Maybe you should give some funding to these people.

If you don’t do anything about the situation now it can get a lot worse in the years to come and we wouldn't want to see what would happen if it didn't get stopped. If you see this don't just leave it, listen and do something to help the New Zealand Waters.

Yours Sincerely


Monday, 22 August 2016


This is my maths task and as you can see we are learning about Multiplying whole numbers by decimals.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Book Review

This is my book Review on a very good book called "Surviving Sharks And Other Dangerous Creatures"

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Muscles! We are learning about muscles and how they work and help us inside of our body.

Smooth Muscles are Bladder, Stomach and Intestines, these muscles are called involuntary muscles. If we didn't have smooth muscles we would pee before you could get to the bathroom. Smooth Muscles are found inside the stomach intestines and the bladder.

Cardiac Muscles pump blood around your body and they are muscles that work without you even trying like your heart your heart muscle is called myocardium.

Skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles which means that they only move when you make them move. Your skeletal muscles are connected to your bone by tendons. Bones Muscles and Tendons   make your body powerful.

The voluntary muscles are controlled by parts of the brain called cerebellum and the cerebral motor cortex. The brain sends messages to the muscles to work.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Training For Sucsess

This is our weeks task.
WALT: Use our prior knowledge to analyse the text

The Olympics

:The Olympics:
Back in 776 BC(Before Christ) was the first ever ancient Olympic games, it was held in Olympia Greece. The games were dedicated to the Olympian god.

There were only 13 games in the ancient Olympic games and now there are at least 28. The modern games are more exciting, for numerous reasons; there are larger crowds more people can watch it from the other side of the world on the tv, heaps more countries are participating and more people are breaking records.

Every Olympics the games travel to a different location this year it's being held in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. Last year it ventured to London, England and before that was Beijing in 2008. People build new buildings, new stadiums and even new Monuments for the visitors who are going to the country for the olympics.

Because Brazil isn't seeming like a safe place at the moment because of reasons like the Zika Virus and unsafe stories  some contestants have dropped out of the big tournament.

In conclusion if you host the Olympics in your country it is given the opportunity to get more money from tourists visiting the country, tourists will be going to that country more because of what it looks like from the olympics and that will get people buying more things from shops, using hotels and just having trips around the country.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Tired Muscles

This was our weeks task and we learnt about our muscles and how and why they get tired.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The First Olympics

This was our task and we were learning about the first ever Olympics in Greece.