Thursday, 15 May 2014

Call Of Zombies Boat

This is how you make a paddle boat out of cardboard. If you didn't or couldn't hear us properly I will just type it down here. Now what you do is create to objects of cardboard that look's like pant's and you would have to create two of them. And for the other piece of cardboard shaped like a square and a triangle combined but cut out room for the propeller at the bottom. And finally the rubber band to make the propeller go.

Titanic Research

List some questions that you would like answered?
  1. How much did the titanic weigh?
  2. How many years did it take to build the Titanic?
  3. Where was the titanic going.
  4. How many kids survived.
  5. Why was the Titanic going fast.
  6. Where was the Titanic built

    Question 1 information:
    46,000 tons

    Question 2 information:
    3 years

    Question 3 information:
    New York from England,Southampton

    Question 4 information:
    56 out of 112

    Question 5 information:
    Because it was trying to set a world record and so the Titanic could be popular

    Question 6 information:
    Belfast, United Kingdom

Friday, 9 May 2014

Holiday Recount

If your ever thinking of going to Australia, Melbourne. We went to the mall to spend our money and so we could have fun. I went with my brother, Sister & mother.

After walking around so much we decided to go eat Hungry jacks (Pretty much Burger King) and we ordered actually a lot of food. While we were eating my brother booked us some tickets to Captin America The Winter Soldier. After eating Hungry Jacks we kept walking around until our movie started and while we were walking around we saw a lot of shops that were pretty much kmart target,big W, and Kmart.

We are going to the cinemas to watch Captain America my brother is shouting us (doing it for free). Once we got in the cinema we noticed that we were in a 3D cinema and the we needed the glasses five minutes before the movie started. Ok now i’m not going to say anything about the movie because then I might be spoiling the movie so yeah. And after The movie was finished we decided to leave.

We went home after the movie and went back to my aunty’s with my brother and mum and sis. As soon we got there I went all over the house and I really wanted to see my brothers room today. After I saw that he had a small room I wondered how we could all sleep in there because it was so small with a single bed. I asked where I was gonna sleep and I ended up on the floor.

When I saw all his stuff in his room like the XBOX360 I knew what I had to do CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2. I was smashing through the bots like a HUGE CRAZY MANIAC  versing 20 people. I ended up playing it for about 3-4 hours SHHH don’t tell my mum. So any way my best map is  Hijacked this map is a map where you are on a boat and try not to die. Me and my brother were playing and when me and him were playing we put the points to 150 and I got 80 kills 5 deaths and my brother got 70 kills and 2 deaths and then I got kicked off. When I got kicked off I saw my brothers cousin and I went into his room and played for about 2-3 hours :). While I was playing the game my brother,sister and mum were watching frozen and a quarter till the end she told me bed time so that was the end of that.

The reason why we went to australia because it was my brothers birthday on the 20th of April. And another reason why we went because my brother went in 2012 and because we well I really wanted to go to australia.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Immersion Assembly Recount

Immersion Assembly

Immersion assembly is usually the first day of our term and shows us our topics.

Team 3,... Team three was doing the topic of light. They were demonstrating what light can do. So they dressed up in different colours and did the show. They showed how the light bends and reflects off glass and different colours. Light is like the fastest thing in human history and will probably stay like that forever. Light goes 300,000,000 meters per second and then stop.

Team 4, Team 4 was producing something with the water and a movie and how its called buoyancy and the water displacement. They were asking questions like what was the word for water displacement and more. Team 4 was all dressed up in like diving materials and swimsuits so that was the theme of water. The movie showed us new words and interesting facts about water.

This happens every term the immersion Assembly it is to show us what we are going to be learning what our topic is. This topic is very interesting for me and I want to learn a lot about our topic.