Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Nga Pakanga Reading

This is our reading task and it is about the wars with Maori and Pakeha, and also about the treaty.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Writing A Narrative

Rampage On The Pier

It all started on one happy day when these kids were all on a field trip from New Zealand visiting the United States Of America. This would be the day that ruined their lives.

The kids just got there and instantly they all ran to try get on a ride some stuck together and others disappeared by themselves. Zane and Taimana went on the Roller Coaster and Lucy and Ava went on the Ferris wheel. We all got candy floss, hotdogs, popcorn and lollies most of us went in groups of two we were having so much fun, but all that was about to stop.

The kids are Taimana fast as lightning, Mo scared of everything, Ava and Lucy Best Friends, David was the muscles, Tevita the president, Benjamin and Lorenzo Bestfriends, May Popular one, Miss Clark Teacher, and Zane the best.

As Ava and Lucy just got on the roller coaster within 30 seconds of it it stopped and all the other ones stopped as well, and all they heard was screaming, Lorenzo and Benjamin were on the Ferris wheel when it stopped and Zane and Taimana were eating our food we looked to our left and everyone was running past us some were jumping into the water and some weren't moving shocked I guess. We both stood up on the chair and there were Zombies?!

Ava pushes Lucy off the roller coaster and on the way down Lucy pulls Ava down with her from fear and they both splat on the ground. Mo manages to find the perfect hiding spot but was to scared to come out and reveal his spot.

I looked around thinking of all the other kids and how scared they were and Tai was stuck thinking if he should fight, run or jump into the water. These weren't normal slow stupid walking Zombies they could run and they were trapping the humans to jumping of the bridge was the only choice but they had really bad sight so they relied on their smell. Most people jumped into the water and Jordan tried to jump to the water but he missed and all his intestines splatted all over the ground.

People still running around the place, screaming and crying. After all the kids jumped in the water they swam to the beach except for Zane and Taimana as they were fighting the Zombies they got up on the fence and started to kick their heads but Zane started to slip off the fence Taimana grabbed him but he wasn't able to pull him back up and they ended up falling in the water. A lot of people, men were fighting the zombies because they're so strong it's what you see at Venice Beach. Some teenagers were shooting the zombies with the air rifles from the duck game, until no one could fight them off there were way too much and it’s weird to think that they would target the Pier.

Two weeks have gone by in the infection Mo, he starved to death infection number grew a little people evacuated the country as soon as they could and plane prices went up. People tried to block out the infected side of the country even if there were other people on the other side.

Day by day the infection spread to more people at the Venice Beach. Soon the whole country would be infected. Tevita, the president was safe in his bunker with everything he needed to survive and as the infection grew he was able to lock down and warn everyone about those areas.

Friday, 12 February 2016