Monday, 29 December 2014

Merry Christmas

I am happy to say Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays I am sorry that I said it so long but I went to Portland to see my Nana's new house and I will write a post about that aswell. I will also have a family reunion on January the 2nd so I will be away for a while for that, and then I am going to totara north. So I am really busy and I probably won't post for about 2-4 weeks. So I would like to say Happy New Year Everybody! and hope you all have a great time.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Yay it's the holidays and it is also Christmas in 4 days I am just saying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Last School Post

Hello, to all people who read my blog, I would like to say thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New year. I may post more in the holidays, maybe if they are interesting for you guys. Anyway thanks for all the support and great comments. If you really do enjoy what I usually do then please leave me some feedback and I will get back to you. And have enjoyed posting all my work, and I probably will post what I got for christmas and just usual holiday.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Art Task

Walt: Step by step instructions

Holiday Post Plan

Walt: Summarise and combine information from across multiple texts.

Camp Bentzon Recount

The Best Camp Of My Life!!!

Week 6 Tuesday, arriving at sandspit after at least an hour and a half drive in the bus, we finally were getting ready to go on the ferry loading the bags, taking our time. When we finished we all went up on to the the top of the ferry to look out for some dolphins. Just seeing dolphin’s in the distance was still amazing and we were always getting closer to the camp and passing the mansion as we finally got there and started unpacking.

Orienteering: “Orienteering” I thought it would be amazing and I was right. First my group were just mucking around for the first eight and after that, me and Taunese went crazy we probably found the other 12 in about 20 minutes. Soo while me and Taunese were searching for them we forgot that we ditched our group so we had to wait for Shaitarn, Taiaha, Ava, My mum, and Junior. We waited for about 5-8 minutes and once they found us we were back on the trail, it was hard for the rest of the group to keep up with me, Taunese and Junior. Once we finished we went back to find out the words (Me and Taunese) we found out the words and they were.......

Kayaking : “Kayaking” I thought I am the best at that  I thought. So when we were getting our kayaks out I was getting really excited until I felt the water. The water was horrible it was so choppy (Big Wind) that we couldn't leave the shore so there were people falling out, people falling behind and also people drifting away. While we were kayaking Taunese actually tipped and lost her shoes they found one but the other is somewhere lost in the ocean. Another one that fell out was Junior I don’t know how he fell out but he just did. So we probably had the worst day to go on the kayaks so  that was kayaking.

Sailing: “Sailing”, was my most favorite thing in the whole camp! I loved it me, Ava and Taunese ruled that one. Again Junior fell in the water but man it was AMAZING! After doing it I would do it for life and out of all the time I was doing drifts (Tiller to the sail). If you haven't tried sailing then you have to try it we rode in a optimust. When you tip (Capsize) it will be more fun than scary and it will be very cool nearly capsizing because I nearly fell out about 5 times.

Our Cabins: “My cabin” It was very small for five people but it worked. In my cabin was Stevenson (Best Friend), Jordan, Louis and Owen and they are all my friends. It was awesome at night time but not as good as the day we had awesome well, some I didn't have so good nights because of snoring. The cabin was uncomfortable but I didn’t mind it better than nothing. The best thing in the cabin was the munchies and my friends and my self. My cabin was the letter G and we were able to choose our beds I chose the top bunk at first but then Stevenson moaned that he wanted it sooo, I was left on the bottom bunk.

Coclusion: “Leaving” The hardest thing for me was actually leaving the camp. I really enjoyed my time I definitely recommend it the second best camp I’ve ever been to. The camp is the camp of pain but it is worh it.