Thursday, 30 October 2014

Writing Test How To Be A Good Friend

WALT: Explain to your reader what being a good friend means

A friend is a person that is a great person that helps you. Whenever you’re with a friend they make you better when you’re feeling sad or angry or at least they try you just have to let them.

Every now and then you and your friend will have a little or big argument, but thats how it should be. Well if you have a so awesome friend that forgives you in every single way and just moves along thats great but you just have to forgive them as well if you they have stuck up for you many times. Falling out with your friend is a bad thing but you should always become friends again (Depending on how bad it is) “I have been in bad situations with my friends but we always just put it behind us.” It is usual to lose a friend or disagree it is totally normal so dont worry if you do just always be in contact with them.

Ahhhhhhhhhh (relaxing ahh) best friends aren't they the best?” Best friends are where they support, encourage and help in any different way. Now you can be so close with your best friends that you hang out all the time “Like me and my best friend.” “Me and my best friend Stevenson hang out all the time we even decided to be like brothers” all im saying is that, you can be so close with someone you’ll be like family. Whenever you're feeling sad or unappreciated there the ones to go talk and communicate or your parents but its up to you to choose.

If you are a good friend to all of your friends then you have a really good chance, that they will all pretty much the same things that a best friend would do. Being a really good buddy is like being a or atleast try to be a best friend. Could you be the best buddy you can be to support, encourage and help in any possible way?

The main thing im trying to say is always try your hardest to be the best friend you can be.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fixing Paragraphs

WALT: Rework paragraphs to meet effective paragraph criteria

We were fixing paragraphs for our practice test.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Maori History

Walt: Search and Summarize in our own words 
Maori Art History
We were learning about the maori cave art down in the South Island. This maori cave art has been around for more then 500 years.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Friday, 17 October 2014

Being Fit

Did you know that you're body is an amazing machine? It just needs to be used every day to keep it working well.

Exercise keeps your body strong and fit. Fitness means having the energy to work, and play and do all the things you want to do easily. Your body can not store fitness so you need to exercise regularly to stay fit.

Exercise makes you feel and look better it keeps your body a healthy weight. It helps you relax and sleep better, and when you exercise your body produces, chemicals called endorphins which go to your brain and make you feel good.

Exercise for strength makes your muscles stronger, so you can work different parts of your body without feeling weak. Exercise for stamina makes you heart and lungs stronger, and helps blood flow easily around your body. Staniama is the ability to exercise for longer without getting tired or out of breath.

So you need to move it!

Full Stops:



Exclamation marks

What Capital Letters Are

Capitals - what are they and when do you use them in writing?

WALT: Write an explanation telling people what capital letters are and when you use them in writing.  

Capital letters are bigger than the lower case (or little letters) and the capitals are not always the same as the lower case letters. Now Upper letters has anyone heard of that? Well upper letters are actually the real word for capitals.

You use capitals at the beginning of a country, city, town. When you are in any geographical place that place always start’s with a capital at the beginning. So for example I am in a city called Las Vegas.

Every time you say or write someone’s name you have to start their name with a capital. Here is a example “My friends name is Taimana” that is how it is done. That is how it should be done and if it is not t will be very embarrassing.(It is about year 3 things)

This is an example of titles, “I went to the Warehouse at  Sylvia park, then went to EB games & looked at two games called Destiny and Fifa 15, after that we went to the movies to watch ANNABELLE”. Every time you say a brand company or even a shop you have to start it off with a capital .

Every time you say or book a date you have to start it with a capital or maybe even an annual day like Christmas. Here is an example “I am going to spend my Christmas with my family and St Patricks day with my friends”. That is how you do that.

Hopefully know you know how to use capital so use them!

Friday, 3 October 2014

The Holidays Are On!

Screenshot 2014-10-02 at 7.13.36 PM.png

Monday: The holiday’s are on, especially for me I am loving it kicking back relaxing & enjoying the sun. If you are already enjoying it as much as me please make sure to leave a comment.

Now I am kind of actually missing school from like things to work on & my friends. But I still am having fun with my uncle & electronics walking, Xbox360, computer & Kicking the ball at dunkirk park in panmure. Tuesday: Today me and my uncle were playing Xbox live & then we went up to the shop’s got some food & drinks and if you are or did something interesting please leave it in the comments.  Ok so we got back & waiting relaxing for about a good 1 to 2 hours until my aunty, uncle & cousins came around on bike’s. So when they came me & my sister went with them to there house. Me & my cousin Josh were running while my aunty, uncle, sis & cousin was riding in the bike and at home we got our uncle to look after us.

When we left to go to our aunty’s first we played some shoots with the basketball & netball  and then we went inside to play on the PS3 and we played Rugby league. When we finished playing league we went outside again and played volleyball so it was me & Josh vs kaycee (my sister) and isiah my cousin. We were playing and every now and then i would or Josh would bump the ball and we would strike. After about a good 30-45 minutes we went back inside the score was 30-33 and we lost so kaycee & isiah won. When we finished we went back on to the PS3 & watched Sione’s Wedding unfinished business. So we were leaving and Josh & Isaiah ended up coming to our house so Kaycee & isaiah went home while me & Josh stopped at dunkirk to do some awesome conversions.  

Wednesday: So we got back and it was my cousins birthday & the food he chose to eat was Mcdonalds. He is now 10 years of age & his name is Tu Ariki so thats the end of that. After we ate dinner I went into my room & me and Josh were playing rugby and now after that I am actually bruised on my neck, hip, wrist & shoulder. So after we played rugby we decided to do a all nighter and it was awesome we watched movie’s, game’s. and music. So at about 4:30 I started to get really tired. And in the morning I ended up like being a little bit dizzy but once I started moving I was algood. Me & Josh went back and started rugby again until my uncle decided we would go to the reserve & kick the ball around. And me & Josh ended up playing held.

So Everybody I hope you enjoyed week 1 of 2 week’s and next week I will post another one and remember to leave some comments please and get ready for week 2 holiday writing.