Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The President - Questions

The President

1) Is this a true story? How do you know?
Because he is still in trouble and so they can’t reveal his name.
2) Why are the children in the story allowed to go to school?
Because there family is trusted.
3) Who is helping the family escape?
Dads Friend
4) Why can’t they trust anyone to help them?
Because they have a bounty on their head.
5) What is one reason that the family likes living in New Zealand?
They won't be hunted by our president.
6) How long did the family spend in the Refugee camp?
2 years.
7) What language is the mother learning?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Advice Blog

This is my advice blog.

Giving It A Shot Debate

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Here is a debate conversation based on two characters in the journal giving it a shot.

Vocabulary Task

Monday, 25 August 2014

Changing Style At Pt England School

Changing Style At Pt England School
By Zane

Walt: use the structure of my newspaper articles to write my own.

98% of kids have the new jackets when they reach intermediate at Pt England School.

Intro, Paragraph 1: The intermediate kids have the newer jackets to distinguish between seniors and the juniors. The prefects were chosen to decide on which jackets that the school was going to have. They had about 4-5 to pick out of and they wanted red & black

Cost, Paragraph 2: The jackets cost $55 dollars. The collots are $1 dollar higher than the meaning the collots cost $56 dollars. On the other hand the seniors also have different hats. The senior hats cost $10 dollars.

Design, Paragraph 3: They knew what colours that they were gonna have on the jackets which was red & black. Now the hats they are full black and bucket hats. The Collots are just like long skirts for people that don’t know and they are also fully black. Now the main one the jackets now the jackets are black striped with red and the Pt England logo.

Byline: Zane At Pt England School

Friday, 8 August 2014

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

CommonWealth Games Writing

Tomorrow is the day, the day that we’ve all been waiting for, the day of the Commonwealth Games wooohooo. Personally I am supporting New Zealand and and I really hope you like the Games as much as I do. When you are watching the Events you really see how hard they have trained to get that far to represent my country.

The commonwealth games are in Glasgow Scotland. There are many Sports and a new one introduced a few years ago  is rugby 7’s. The rugby Sevens have have just passed by and we did well coming second place and bringing home silver. They just lost lost to South Africa 17-12 I am really happy about the men that played. They will probably train a lot more but that is great coming second.

Weightlifting is a popular sport and there is one person that is a stand out Hossein Rezazadeh. Hossein has won 13 medals 2 bronze 11 gold,and he has done it in the olympics 2000 and 2004. Rezazadeh has been to pretty much every big event that has weightlifting that has weightlifting in it. Now he is retired I think. When he did the olympics he nearly set a world record.

The medal scoring now after all 11 days of the commonwealth games we were just out of the top 5 for medals. Were had the awesome amount of 45 and ahead of us was india with 64. While 4th 3rd 2nd and 1st was pretty high up well 4th place was scottland with 53 my guess is that they got more golds. And 3rd place was Canada with the counting number of 82 now if you think thats big just wait. And the country coming 2nd place was Australia with medal counting of 137 wow that is big but not big enough. And the team that got the highest score possible and the team is England with 174 medals all to themselves. And if you want to check for yourself here is the link for the commonwealth Games

Cycling is one that we were fairly good at because we came 1st and 3rd with England coming 2nd. The one who achieved 1st was Sam Webster and 3rd was Dylan Kennett I think. Because all the competitors got at least 1 medal for cycling and that is GREAT. The cycling team is very good and they could probably do that again they are awesome.